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[Python-ideas] Re: Automatic translation of Python to assembly language

Mark at PysoniQ.com wrote:
 > an extension (.dll or .so) is not generally included in a
 > makefile because it's dynamically linked and not incorporated into an
 > executable -- which Python doesn't have.

If I change the source, the .dll or .so needs to be re-created. That's
a build step, and as such I'm going to want to automate it. Whether
I do that using a Makefile or some other tool isn't the point. The
point is that if I'm required to use a point-and-click interface,
then I can't automate it.

If there is an alternative interface that can be automated, that's fine.
But either way, the point and click interface is useless to me, and
therefore not a selling point for me in any way. I suspect the same
is true for many other people on the Python lists.