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Announcing Scm Workbench 0.9.3 for Git, Mercurial and Subversion

SCM Workbench features

	? Support Subversion (svn), Mercurial (hg) and Git projects.
	? Experimental support for Perforce (P4)
	? Easy to learn and use
	? Builtin User Guide describes the operation and features of the application.
	? Add project wizard can scan for all your existing projects.
	? All subversion client operations in a GUI
	? Many Git client operations in a GUI
	? GUI git rebase
	? Some mercurial (hg) client operations in a GUI
	? Enhanced operations (subversion rename of modified files etc)
	? Support for Dark mode
	? Support software development workflow
	? Builtin GUI diff showing line and character diffs
	? Ability to diff between revisions in a files history
	? Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix platforms

Please visit http://scm-workbench.barrys-emacs.org/ for downloads, git source, user guide and further information on SCM Workbench.

New in 0.9.3
	? Lots of improvement since the last release
	? Update to use python3.7, PyQt5 5.12 and pysvn with svn 1.12