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GPG wrapper, ECC 25519 compatible?

I'm looking for a non-gui GPG wrapper that supports elliptic-curve 25519
for development. The only one's I've seen that support ECC, only support
the p-XYZ curves created by NIST. I've tried monkey-patching
python-gnupg to add 25519 support, but I can't get my head around that
codebase. Or if you have solid advice as to how I'd go about writing my
own, that'd be wonderful. Since, I've also tried many versions of
creating a new wrapper package. But I just don't understand how to get
and pass information back to the gpg command line prompts at all, not to
mention automating the process.

On linux, you can see the command line prompts I'm trying to work with
by running:

>gpg2 --expert --full-gen-key

The default responses I'd like to give are:

>username at user.net

Any tips that don't include using a different curve?