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"Edit With Python" option missing

On 8/31/19, Akash verma <av69583 at gmail.com> wrote:
> "Edit With Python" option missing from message context when right clicked
> with mouse .

If you mean "Edit with IDLE", this means that you've changed the file
association. It's no longer using the default "Python.File" program
identifier (progid). Create an empty .py script on your desktop. Right
click it, and select "Open with" -> "Choose another app". Select the
"Python" app that has the Python logo with a rocket on it. At the
bottom of the dialog, select the option to "Always use this app to
open .py files". Click "OK".

This can happen if some other program grabbed the file association --
perhaps automatically, or perhaps you approved the change and don't
remember it. It can also be the case that a user mistakenly tries to
fix this by selecting the "Look for an app on this PC" option in the
"Open with" dialog, which auto-generates a progid for the file
association. (1) You probably do not want an auto-generated progid
because you'll lose installed features of the application. In the case
of Python, that's the "Edit with IDLE" menu and the drop-handler shell
extension that enables dragging and dropping files on a script in
Explorer. Also, if you end up selecting an installed "python.exe"
instead of the "py.exe" launcher, you'll lose shebang support in
scripts. (2) Windows creates a progid that's intended for opening a
data file. It doesn't have `*%` in the template, so passing
command-line arguments won't work.

That said, if you do end up associating .py files with an
auto-generated progid, at least now you know a simple way to switch
back to the original progid.