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"Edit With Python" option missing

Hi Aakash,

On 31/08/19 8:54 PM, Akash verma wrote:
> "Edit With Python" option missing from message context when right clicked
> with mouse .

There are two stages to working with a Python program: editing the 
source-code, and executing the program.

For the first, most use a text editor/IDE, eg Sublime Text, PyCharm. 
Although Python comes with "Idle" as a built-in editor, plus the REPL. 
Accordingly, you will want to set the (right-click) context menu for the 
.py file-type/extension to open your chosen editor (if it's not already).

In the second case, it depends very much upon which operating 
system/editor combination you are using. Most of the better editors have 
a 'magic button' to do the job. In case you are using MS-Windows (I 
don't!) please review https://docs.python.org/3.3/using/windows.html

In the case of executing a program without editing the code, most of us 
utilise 'the command line', eg

	python3 source.py

Regards =dn