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Newbie question about Python syntax

On 25/08/2019 02:39, Cameron Simpson wrote:
> On 24Aug2019 21:52, Paul St George <email at paulstgeorge.com> wrote:
> Aside from "map" being a poor name (it is also a builtin Python 
> function), it seems that one creates one of these to control how some 
> rendering process is done.
> The class reference page you originally cites then specifies the meaning 
> of the various attributes you might set on one of these objects.
> Cheers,
> Cameron Simpson <cs at cskk.id.au>

Thanks Cameron. As this list has a low noise to signal ratio I cannot 
thank you enough here.

I could have stayed where I belong in Blender Artists, or similar, but 
those lists tend to just offer solutions and as Douglas Adams almost 
said knowledge without understanding is almost meaningless. Here I have 
gained enough understanding (perhaps not to yet make sufficient sense in 
what I say) but to transfer knowledge from solving one problem to 
possibly solving many.

Thank you for your patience and tolerance,

Dr Paul St George