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Newbie question about Python syntax

On 24Aug2019 21:52, Paul St George <email at paulstgeorge.com> wrote:
>>Have you not got one of these handed to you from something?
>>Or are you right at the outside with some "opaque" blender handle or 
>>something? (Disclaimer: I've never used Blender.)
>Thank you once again.
>If I understand your question, I am right outside. By this I mean I 
>have not created anything with Python. I have made the Blender model 
>with the UI and am trying to use Python to read the values for the 
>settings used. This has worked for all settings except this Map Value 

Hmm. So you have a CompositorNodeMapValue instance? If that is the case 
you should be able to inspect it as previously described.

However, it looks like this is something you construct in order to do 
some task. A little web searching turns up this stackexchange post:


and some example code from an unrelated project: