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Which editor is suited for view a python package's source?

Uh oh.  Editor wars.

The most popular choices today are probably PyCharm and VSCode.  I prefer
vim with the syntastic plugin (and a few other plugins including Jedi), but
I've heard good things about the other two.  And emacs almost certainly can
edit/view Python files well, though I haven't heard much about that.


On Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 2:15 AM <jfong at ms4.hinet.net> wrote:

> I like to download one package's source and study it in an editor. It
> allows me to open the whole package as a project and let me jump from a
> reference in one file to its definition in another file back and forth. It
> will be even better if it can handle the import modules too. (Maybe this is
> too much:-)
> Can anyone recommend such a tool?
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