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Which editor is suited for view a python package's source?

PyCharm takes you to the source code within the editor for any
variables/functions/classes/modules if you ctrl+click on what you want to
see. It allows you to browse the relevant bits of code quickly, as well as
let you change them in your local environment if need be.

That way you don't have to download the source separately, you can just use
it as a normal dependency.

But if you want to view the source of a project in isolation I imagine any
common editor will suffice. Personally I'll tend to look where the source
is hosted (GitHub, GitLab etc) instead of downloading it. But I can
understand why some may not trust this.

On Mon, 19 Aug 2019, 10:17 , <jfong at ms4.hinet.net> wrote:

> I like to download one package's source and study it in an editor. It
> allows me to open the whole package as a project and let me jump from a
> reference in one file to its definition in another file back and forth. It
> will be even better if it can handle the import modules too. (Maybe this is
> too much:-)
> Can anyone recommend such a tool?
> --Jach
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