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Meanwhile Norwegian trolls created ...

In practice PyQt works very well and you do not encounter problems with memory management or crashes.


> On 17 Aug 2019, at 10:39, Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer <arj.python at gmail.com> wrote:
> Was browsing when i came across this hilarious piece of text:
> *Once upon a time there was a programming language called C. And it had 2
> memory management functions: malloc() and free(). But it was too
> complicated. Bjarne Stroustrup decided that C memory management should be
> easier. So he invented C++. In addition to malloc() and free(), C++ had
> new, delete, destructors, RAII, auto and shared pointers. Guido van Rossum
> found that C++ was also not simple enough. He chose another way and
> invented Python - a language which doesn?t have even malloc() or free().
> Meanwhile Norwegian trolls created the C++ GUI library Qt. It simplifies
> memory management by deleting objects automatically when it thinks the
> objects are not needed. A man called Phil Thompson was upset that a cool
> library like Qt doesn?t exist in the excellent Python language. He combined
> them in the PyQt project. But it is not so easy to combine different memory
> management paradigms. Let?s see what the pitfalls are. (Text above is a
> fairy tale. Text below contains code and technical information)*
> source: http://enki-editor.org/2014/08/23/Pyqt_mem_mgmt.html
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