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absolute path to a file

On 17/08/2019 15:37, Peter Otten wrote:
> Paul St George wrote:
>> Can someone please tell me how to get the absolute path to a file? I
>> have tried os.path.abspath. In the code below I have a problem in the
>> final line (15).
>> #
>> |import bpy||
> Is this blender? If so the "//" prefix starts making sense:
> https://docs.blender.org/api/current/bpy.path.html
> I'd try bpy.path.abspath() instead of os.pathabspath().
>> ||import os||
>> ||
>> ||texture_list = []||
>> ||
>> ||with open(os.path.splitext(bpy.data.filepath)[0] + ".txt", "w") as
>> outstream:||
>> ||
>> ||
>> ||for obj in bpy.context.scene.objects:||
>> ||for s in obj.material_slots:||
>> ||if s.material and s.material.use_nodes:||
>> ||for n in s.material.node_tree.nodes:||
>> ||if n.type == 'TEX_IMAGE':||
>> ||texture_list += [n.image]||
>> ||print(obj.name,'uses',n.image.name,'saved at',n.image.filepath, 'which
>> is at', os.path.abspath(n.image.filepath), file=outstream)||
>> |#
>> This gives me:
>> ---Plane uses image01.tif saved at //image01.tif which is at //image01.tif
>> ---Plane uses image02.tif saved at //../images/image02.tif which is at
>> //images/image02.tif
>> But I want an absolute path such as:
>> ---Plane uses image01.tif saved at /Users/Lion/Desktop/test8/image01.tif
>> ---Plane uses image02.tif saved at /Users/Lion/Desktop/images/image02.tif
>> If it is relevant, my files are on a Mac. Hence the escaped forward slash.
Now following Peter's immensely useful nudge towards bpy.path.abspath(), 
I have learned that Blender uses a special kind of relative path. These 
paths start with ?//? . The double slashes replace the path to the blend 
file?s directory.

This means that py.path.abspath() gives a path that is absolute for most 
of its length then relative towards the end. The good news is that I 
have found a way to tidy this.


This gives a fully absolute file path. The bpy.path.abspath function 
takes care of the ?//? replacing it with the full path to the file, 
while os.path.abspath takes care of any other unwelcome relative ?../? 
that might remain.

Thanks to everyone for their help!