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Meanwhile Norwegian trolls created ...

Was browsing when i came across this hilarious piece of text:

*Once upon a time there was a programming language called C. And it had 2
memory management functions: malloc() and free(). But it was too
complicated. Bjarne Stroustrup decided that C memory management should be
easier. So he invented C++. In addition to malloc() and free(), C++ had
new, delete, destructors, RAII, auto and shared pointers. Guido van Rossum
found that C++ was also not simple enough. He chose another way and
invented Python - a language which doesn?t have even malloc() or free().
Meanwhile Norwegian trolls created the C++ GUI library Qt. It simplifies
memory management by deleting objects automatically when it thinks the
objects are not needed. A man called Phil Thompson was upset that a cool
library like Qt doesn?t exist in the excellent Python language. He combined
them in the PyQt project. But it is not so easy to combine different memory
management paradigms. Let?s see what the pitfalls are. (Text above is a
fairy tale. Text below contains code and technical information)*

source: http://enki-editor.org/2014/08/23/Pyqt_mem_mgmt.html


Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
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