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Web framework for static pages

On 2019-08-13, Morten W. Petersen <morphex at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok. Isn't it a bit splitting of hairs to talk about static site generators
> and their templates?

No, not even slightly. You appear to be thinking that static site
generators come with a pre-made set of design templates, and as
far as I am aware they generally do not.

> Wouldn't a static site generator that can create a good, usable website
> with little input be desirable?

That's the purpose of all of them I should imagine.

> I could pick and choose CSS templates, HTML templates and write some of my
> own, but that takes quite a bit of time.

It's time you need to spend. Otherwise, use Wordpress, optionally
with a static site generator plugin.

> Yes, my fixation on XML HTML might be a bit purist or perfectionist, but
> isn't it strange that there isn't a DTD for XML HTML 5? Is it the ability
> to write websites using a text editor only what makes web companies
> continue the malformed input cycle, or is it legacy websites?

I'm not sure why you think that using XML is in any way "pure" or
"perfect", nor why not using XML means your input is "malformed".
Just use HTML 5, and indeed you should check your code to ensure
it is pure, perfect and well-formed.