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About the #python irc channel on freenode.

On Tue, 13 Aug 2019 at 10:00, Hongyi Zhao <hongyi.zhao at gmail.com> wrote:
> But I always be put into the #python-unregistered channel as follows:
> ----------
> Now talking on #python-unregistered
> * Topic for #python-unregistered is: Welcome to #python-unregistered!
> You've been put here because #python requires you to register your
> nickname with Freenode. For more information about registering on
> Freenode, ask #freenode. For more information about #python,#python-*
> moderation, #python-ops.
> * Topic for #python-unregistered set by lvh!~lvh at python/psf/lvh (Fri Jul
> 1 16:44:19 2011)
> -------------
> I've tried to register the nickname as it told. But still cannot success.

The #python channel always works for me.

The best place to ask for help is to do what it says in the message
you were given ...
"For more information about registering on Freenode, ask #freenode. "

Have you asked for help in the #freenode channel?

/join #freenode and ask there, no registration is required to do that.

Be sure to communicate in short, clear sentences.
Then wait for someone to answer you. Do not leave the channel
after asking for help, wait for at least an hour.

Any person might answer you, and sometimes random people
there make mischief. But the people who are "ops" in that channel
are freenode staff. They will help you and they have admin powers.
Sometimes depending on time of day or day of week the staff
might be absent. If so, just wait a few hours and try again.