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Re: [poliastro-dev] ANN: poliastro 0.13.0 released 🚀

Le mar. 6 ao?t 2019 ? 08:33, Samuel Dupree <sdupree at speakeasy.net> a ?crit :

> Juan Luis Cano,
> When will poliastro ver. 0.13.0 become available from Anaconda? At the
> time of this note, only ver. 0.12.0 is available.
> Lastly what is the recommended procedure to update poliastro from vers.
> 0.12.0 to 0.13.0?
> Sam Dupree

A pull request was automatically created by a bot:


and Juan Luis merged it yesterday, so that the new version is
available since yesterday, see the version badge on the README at


Clicking on that badge sends to:


which has the installation instructions.

Use `conda upgrade` instead of `conda install` if you want to upgrade.