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Remote/Pair-Programming in-the-cloud

On 05/08/2019 21:28, DL Neil wrote:
> On 6/08/19 1:43 AM, Hugh Sasse wrote:
>> I might not have followed this thread closely enough.? I remembered 
>> there is a thing called Copilot.
>> It connects two machines so that two people can work together.
>> https://www.copilot.com/About
>> If this is the wrong answer, it may at least help define the negative 
>> space around what you want.
> Thank you Hugh.
> Yes, there are a few of these Copilot-style packages. The one that seems 
> popular in 'my circle' is called TeamViewer.
> We will definitely offer that as an option at Wednesday's PUG mtg, and 
> if someone requests Copilot, or similar, I'll try to adapt.
> No, not "negative" by any means. Many thanks!

Then you may find some of the recommendations on AlternativeTo useful. 
I've not explored them, but I've found useful things at this site before 
(for other things):


You probably know that site, but I didn't notice it come up in the 
discussion.  If not:


Dr. Hugh Sasse, BSc(Hons), PhD
Computer Systems Electronic Engineer
School of Engineering and Sustainable Development