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Remote/Pair-Programming in-the-cloud

On 4/08/19 6:44 AM, Terry Reedy wrote:
> On 8/3/2019 1:50 AM, Chris Angelico wrote:
>> On Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 3:36 PM DL Neil 
>> <PythonList at danceswithmice.info> wrote:
>>> On 3/08/19 4:02 PM, Terry Reedy wrote:
>>> Is that really "p-p" or more "code review"?
> The latter.? The quotes here mean "the closest I currently come to pair 
> programming".? I have often *wished* for live interaction instead.

See elsewhere for suggestions of how Idle might be used for such (not 
merely as an 'editor' - assuming that is 'all' it is now)

> Since master and clone are copies of the same program, switching roles 
> should be simple, and easier than trading seats.

operative words "should be"!

>> However, I think it would be an extremely useful feature if the output
>> from running the program could also be replicated to the other client.
>> Let's say you're developing a Python script that connects to a
>> database (eg psycopg2 + PostgreSQL). To run that locally, you'd need
>> your own replica of the database, and that often means having your own
>> credentials (ie having the script able to choose which set of
>> credentials to use), replicating the database schema, and possibly
>> even getting a duplicate of the current table contents. Way WAY easier
>> to just run it on one computer and copy the output.
> I did not think of this scenario because I don't currently program with 
> external libraries and DBs.? Sending output seems to be a must, with 
> running delivered code an option depending on trust and code review.? It 
> does, however, require a control message to switch incoming text from 
> editor to shell.

Watching the Cloud9 system 'paint' on one machine/browser a moment after 
I'd typed code using a second machine, brought me a childish delight 
(after all the reading, learning, and fiddling of accounts and 
permissions to get that far)

> Restriction to local networks might have some use.? There have been 
> programming classes where a teacher uses IDLE projected on an overhead 
> screen.? In at least some cases, a large type size (25-40) is needed. It 
> might be nicer to deliver to each students computer.

Disagree: there's a reason it's called the "world-wide" web!

Having said that: limiting to LAN makes life SO much easier.

(probably mentioned earlier/elsewhere)
I *HATE* using large screens, OHP panels, video projectors, etc. 
Firstly, they always seem to be going wrong - the problem of too many 
'moving parts'. Recently I was asked to give a user-oriented course in 
DB retrieval (cf programmers using SQL). I decided to use MySQL's 
Workbench, but that screen is so 'busy'. The local equipment was some 
VGA or not-much-better projector. Screen text was totally unreadable!

My preference these days is to slave everyone's screen to mine, using 
VNC software. It's just like a slide/movie projector and as the airlines 
like to advertise: everyone has their own personal screen! (plus, can 
adjust resolution, control screen enlargement, etc, to suit personal 

However, a lot of training is moving away from "lectures" and certainly 
"class rooms". It is becoming an async world, and even if a group 
congregate into a single room, classes are organised so that each can 
work at his/her own pace. So, features to join all in "lock step" may 
not be so often required...
(apologies if more than two-cents' worth)
Regards =dn