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Remote/Pair-Programming in-the-cloud

On 3/08/19 2:08 PM, Bryon Tjanaka wrote:
> Depending on how often you need to run the code, you could use a google doc
> and copy the code over when you need to run. Of course, if you need linters
> and other tools to run frequently this would not work.

Thanks for the thought Bryon.

Elsewhere there is a contribution which highlights the matter of "trust".

It it's your code, *you* should maintain control.
(let's imagine you are developing some project which is going to 
change-the-world/enable you to retire-rich - you wouldn't want to 'give 
that code away', would you?)

So, I favor the idea (which you can see operating when code-questions 
appear on this list) that the 'owner' loads a pertinent sub-set of the 
code (sometimes a degree of subject-matter obfuscation is necessary).

That way, *I* don't have access to his machine, source code repository, etc.

However, there's a time-cost involved; and if we add databases, 
frameworks, etc, to the picture, perhaps we will quickly be overwhelmed 
by the sheer complexity and number of moving-parts...
(aka "no silver bullet")
Regards =dn