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Remote/Pair-Programming in-the-cloud

On Sat, Aug 3, 2019 at 9:40 AM DL Neil <PythonList at danceswithmice.info> wrote:
> > Basically, what I'd be interested in seeing is a multi-player game of
> > Notepad++, in contrast to IRC. http://www.bash.org/?85514
> With the ability to frag your pair-programmer when (s)he makes a
> mistake? Remind me never to 'pair' with you!

Oh certainly not, I don't condone team-killing :)

More seriously: I did build a very simple "multi-player notepad",
which I've used with various people at various times. It's simplistic
and nothing like what you actually need for this job, but the concept
is similar; any time you make a change, everyone sees that change. The
communication channel is plain text, and it's rendered on each side