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Remote/Pair-Programming in-the-cloud

On 3/08/19 8:57 AM, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Aug 2019 21:10:32 +1200, DL Neil <PythonList at DancesWithMice.info>
> declaimed the following:
>> - AWS Cloud9: (apparently will run on a small, free, cloud-server)
> 	Cloud9 is normally available on BeagleBone Black cards (though you'd
> have to open up your firewalls and maybe set up a DNS entry so others can
> connect to it). However, that appears to be an older version (v3.1.4056,
> 2017), not the Amazon Web Services version, and does not appear to have the
> collaboration features described at
> https://docs.c9.io/docs/share-a-workspace

There's a great idea - put a BBB in the middle!

Thanks wlfraed - will be checking the AWS version...
(they claim it will even work on a 'free' server, which presumably means 
it would last for a whole year!)
Regards =dn