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Fwd: PEP: add a `no` keyword as an alias for `not`

On 2019-08-01, Daniel Okey-Okoro <danielokeyokoro at gmail.com> wrote:

> But in many cases, when people write `if not val` they're checking if the
> val is `None`
> i.e. `if val is None`, `if val == None`

If they want to know if val is None, then they should be typing 'val
is None'.  IMO, it's not an improvement to let them type 'no val'
instead of 'not val' when what they really mean is 'val is None'.

> (so in effect it's kind of like they're checking if "something isn't
> there")

Except there _is_ something there.  It just has a 'false' value in the
case of 'not val' or it's the None singleton object in the 'val is

Something not being there is a whole different thing...

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