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.python_history file

Hy to Everyone
first of all : Sorry for my english

what do you think about introducing a feature that allows you to group
by date
and after to filter the istruction that are written in the
.python_history file:
maybe with a new structure for .python_history:?




and maybe developing a new tool, or a core functionality of python
interpreter callable as an argument in the cmd, that allow you to parse
the .python_history file in given date:

With a tool:
	PhYstory -d 16 -m 03 -y 2019

or like python Functionality:

	python -hist 16-03-2019/17-03-2019

and why not? why not have a the chance to enable and disable, at will,
writing in the .python_history:

	>>> skip_hist
	>>> # Make some unusefull instruction
	>>> # Ignored in the history
	>>>	class TryClass:
	>>>		# Some Code
	>>> tc = TryClass()
	>>> keep_hist
	>>> # make some interesting code
	>>> # and keep it in the history file.