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ubuntu python 2.7 variations

On 29/07/2019 12:33, Chris Angelico wrote:
>> Should I always be using self build python versions?
> If you want to maintain your own Python, then by all means, go ahead.
> I don't maintain my own Python 2.7, but I have a number of Python 3.x
> builds, since Debian Stretch doesn't ship with anything newer than
> 3.5.
I have all the pythons except 2.7 as user builds
> The plus sign does indeed mean that it's modified, but often that just
> means they backported some (but not all) of the changes in newer 2.7.x
> builds. (Which, at the moment, would only be 2.7.16.)
I have just tried a standard make configure dance with 2.7.16 and that python 
seems to behave like the original python 2.7.15rc1 version. So it seems the 
current system 2.7.15+ is patched in some way differently.

I can't simply switch pythons as I used the system python to create virtual 
environments and all of those need rebuilding.

> I can't speak specifically about tokenize, but if you're using it for
> anything that isn't actually Python code, you're vulnerable to this
> kind of change. I wouldn't normally expect it in a point release,
> though.

well preppy is using the ast/tokenizer etc etc to put a lot of python into a 
template form with {{ }} expressions etc etc

> ChrisA