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Trouble installing python

On 2019-07-28 18:45, Steven via Python-list wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> I originally started with the latest version of python (3.7), but I was unable to figure out how to get to script mode.  There weren't any tabs at the top of the interactive mode window.
What is "script mode"? Are you using IDLE?

If you are, then look in the menu for File->New.

> So I decided to uninstall 3.7, and try 3.5.2 (since that is the version my online instructor is using)  now i keep getting a screen asking me to modify, repair, or uninstall (screen shoot attached).  I have clicked repair twice now, and modify once and I still get the same message.
This list is text-only; it removes any attached pictures.

> Am I doing something wrong in 3.7 that is maybe hiding script mode?