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Proper shebang for python3

On 2019-07-25 03:57, Dan Sommers wrote:
> On 7/24/19 10:24 PM, Michael Torrie wrote:
>   > ... In more recent times, binaries that are mostly applicable to the
>   > super user go there.  I don't see why you would want to merge those.
>   > A normal user rarely has need of much in /sbin.  Already /bin has way
>   > too much stuff in it (although I don't see any other way to
>   > practically do it without ridiculous PATHs searching all over the
>   > disk).
> On ancient file systems (SysV?), ISTR something like 1400 files in a
> directory being some sort of limit, or perhaps a major performance
> issue.  Separate directories (including /usr/X11/bin) mitigated that,
> too.

At one time I used an MS-DOS application suite whose database component 
stored predefined queries in individual files. There were _many_ 
predefined queries, so _many_ small files.

This took up a lot of disk space, and running a predefined query was 
slow because of the need to search for the file (the FAT layout used a 
linked list).

I put all of the predefined queries into a single file and called an 
external program to look up the query on demand, copy it into a file, 
and then performed the query.

That saved a _lot_ of disk space, and, despite the overhead of calling 
an external program, was _much_ faster!