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Proper shebang for python3

On 24Jul2019 20:24, Michael Torrie <torriem at gmail.com> wrote:
>On 7/24/19 4:20 PM, Cameron Simpson wrote:
>> That is some progress, hooray. Then there's just sbin -> bin to go.
>I suppose in the olden days sbin was for static binaries, usable in
>single user mode for recovering the system without the main drive

Yep. Happy days.

>In more recent times, binaries that are mostly applicable to
>the super user go there.  I don't see why you would want to merge those.
> A normal user rarely has need of much in /sbin.

I say unto to you "ifconfig". And, frankly, _any_ sbin command which can 
be meaningfully run as nonroot, particularly for reporting.

I have always found this "oh its for root" distinction pretty vacuous, 
and outstandingly annoying when basic system querying stuff isn't in the 
default $PATH because of this.  Maybe it is because I've been a sysadmin 
for many years, but most physical machines are personal machines these 
days anyway - we're our own sysadmins.

> Already /bin has way>too much stuff in it (although I don't see any other way to practically
>do it without ridiculous PATHs searching all over the disk).

Like modules with many names, the number of things in /bin or /usr/bin 
is generally irrelevant. Nobody does an "ls" in there without expecting 
a fair amount of stuff - like imports, we invoke commands by name. Who 
_cares_ how many names there are?

>Having said that, I note that on my CentOS 7 workstation, sbin seems to
>be in the path by default. So that negates my argument I suppose.
>Although I might have made that change myself.

I have historically had to add it to my $PATH on most platforms.

Cameron Simpson <cs at cskk.id.au>