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Embedding Python in C

Jesse Ibarra schrieb am 22.07.19 um 18:12:
> On Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 1:11:51 PM UTC-6, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>> Jesse Ibarra schrieb am 20.07.19 um 04:12:
>>> Sorry, I am not understanding. Smalltlak VW 8.3 does not support Python.
>>> I can only call Pyhton code through C/Python API.
>> Ok, but that doesn't mean you need to write code that uses the C-API of
>> Python. All you need to do is:
>> 1) Start up a CPython runtime from Smalltalk (see the embedding example I
>> posted) and make it import an extension module that you write (e.g. using
>> the "inittab" mechanism [1]).
>> 2) Use Cython to implement this extension module to provide an interface
>> between your Smalltalk code and your Python code. Use the Smalltalk C-API
>> from your Cython code to call into Smalltalk and exchange data with it.
>> Now you can execute Python code inside of Python and make it call back and
>> forth into your Smalltalk code, through the interface module. And there is
>> no need to use the Python C-API for anything beyond step 1), which is about
>> 5 lines of Python C-API code if you write it yourself. Everything else can
>> be implemented in Cython and Python.
>> Stefan
>> [1]
>> https://docs.python.org/3/extending/embedding.html?highlight=PyImport_appendinittab#extending-embedded-python
> This cleared so much @Stefan, thank you. I just need some clarification if you don't mind.
> In (1), when you say  "import an extension module that you write",  do you mean the Python library that was created "import emb"? Is that gonna be written in Cython or standalone .C file?

Yes. In Cython.

> in (2), what do to mean when you said "Use the Smalltalk C-API from your Cython code to call into Smalltalk and exchange data with it."? 

Not sure what part exactly you are asking about, but you somehow have to
talk to the Smalltalk runtime from your Cython/Python code if you want to
interact with it. I assume that this will be done through the C API that
Smalltalk provides.

Just in case, did you check if there is already a bridge for your purpose?
A quick web search let me find this, not sure if it helps.