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Proper shebang for python3

On 7/20/19 6:04 PM, Cameron Simpson wrote:
> If you require a specific outcoming, set a specific environment. It is under?your?control.?Control?it.

Exactly right.  I have just had the REALLY irritating experience of trying to bootstrap a
location insensitive version of linuxbrew that mostly works, but is crippled by brain damage
that insists that the best version of perl will always be found in /usr/bin.

I have been a hardware engineer (analog and digital), software implementor, systems designer,
devops person, and large scale (physical data center) platform engineer and this kind of
bad thinking just kills site reliability.

I stipulate that there are corner cases where Chris A. is correct - it is certainly
possible to clobber a system with incorrect /usr/bin/env findings.   But I'd argue
that there is a simple work around - run another terminal session (terminator, tmux,
screen, ... whatever floats your boat) that has $PATH set up to find things in /usr/bin
first.  Voila! Problem solved and everyone can use env the way they want to.

In some respects, this problem does get a little simpler when you docker-ize your
software distributions until ... you need newer versions of tools than even the latest
docker OS implementations support.  Then you're back to the same old noise ...