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How to execute shell command in Python program?

On 2019-07-20 15:39:58 +0100, Chris Narkiewicz via Python-list wrote:
> Madhavan Bomidi wrote:
> > import subprocess
> > subprocess.call(['./opac'],shell=True)

There may be an os.chdir() missing here.

> subprocess.call(['./opac', "my-input.inp"], shell=True)

We don't know whether the OP's program accepts command line arguments.
But I agree that it probably does and then this is the best way.

> The array takes command with a list of arguments. This
> way you don't need to do space escaping and other
> Jujitsu gimmicks.

In this case you should set shell=False. Either invoke the command
directly with an argument vector (almost always preferrable), or invoke
the shell with a shell command. Don't mix them.


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