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join and split with empty delimiter

On 7/18/19 6:27 AM, Ben Bacarisse wrote:
> One reason might be that str.split('') is not unambiguous.  For example,
> there's a case to be made that there is a '' delimiter at the start and
> the end of the string as well as between letters.  '' is a very special
> delimiter because every string that gets joined using it includes it!
> It's a wild version of ','.join(['a', 'b,c', 'd']).split(',').
> Of course str.split('') could be defined to work the way you expect, but
> it's possible that the error is there to prompt the programmer to be
> more explicit.

One thought I am having is that if the split is explicitly on '', then
it is easy enough to use list(), but if it isn't a hard coded '', then
the gotchas described above? are significant, that unless the join list
was built of exactly 1 character strings, the split won't match, and
that seems somewhat special case for a variable delimiter.

Richard Damon