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Books for Python 3.7

On 7/12/19 4:36 PM, mok888 at gmail.com wrote:
> Can anyone help me.
> New to Python.
> Installed version 3.7
> I purchased the "Python for Dummies" book But this book was written for an older version of Python.
> All the examples and samples don't work with version 3.7
> Can anyone direct me to which is the latest book to buy to properly learn Python.
> Thanks

Hi Richy M,
I'm in somewhat the same situation. I'm retired now at 73. Used Fortran 
on IBM, Vax, PDP. Visual Basic on Windows for Work Groups to Windows 10 
and changed to Linux Mint about 1 year ago. Started Python about that time.

I quickly learned that Python is more a ecosystem than a programming 
language my advice would be to search what ecosystem you want.

I always use a pet project, like suggested by Andrew Z, when I start 
something new. My pet project is Geo Information Systems or Gis for 
short. So I have Python 3 and the Python Gis tools. I make long cycle 
tours with OsmAnd on a Samsung Galaxy for navigation and record the Gpx 
Tracks. I use Python 3 for analysing the tracks. I use Pandas which let 
me use Excel like Data Sheets in Python :
If you also have MathPlot you have a serious competitor for MathLab. 
Pandas also includes Numpy for better manipulation of arrays. If you 
have a look at Anaconda
you can download the suite in one go. I used the official Linux Mint 
repository to download the things I wanted. I think you will greatly 
benefit from a IDE I use Spider (also in the Anaconda suite) :
but there are several others. If you want to create a GUI in your 
programs than Quantum seems a great Idea. I use PyQt5 which is the 
Python 3 version of Quantum version 5.

I also would like to have a good book, but have not yet decided which 
one. There is a 50$ book on learning Python; the language reference (?) 
There is a 50$ book for learning PyQt5 programming of a GUI. There is a 
50$ book on using Python in Pandas for analysing tabular data.

In the meantime I use Gitlab for finding code snippets. I use these 
beginner guides :