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Want to learn python as I have donne manual testing for 12 years. Please help to share opinion how to start. Thanks

Try to find small projects to solve with Python instead of using other
applications. Hereby my experience:

* solve or just represent a riddle or mathematical question.
  - Youtube channels called standupmaths and numberphile has some
interesting videos about algorithms. Then it's fun trying to build those
and see what happens. not only numerical results but also plot it into
graphs or create images from it
  - Every year General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands
releases a series of puzzles around Christmas. It's fun to try to create
some decrypting tools around it and run them on top of the questions. Can
even automatically crawl over some wiki pages to create lists of names for
possible answers if you suspect it's a crossword full of encrypted nobel
prize winners.
  - or find some websites with riddles and crosswords or just on
* show headlines of a newspaper in the format you want in a terminal using
a rss feedparser
* a ubuntu desktop indicator with your favorite stock market price or
currency exchange or the time you logged into work in the morning
* write your own api or webservice around all info that you learned to
gather from multiple places
* a IRC bot that put's all the info of other scripts that interest you
(RSS, stock market, cpu usage, cheatsheets, python bugs, ...) on your own
IRC channel (.get stock_info || .get python_snippets strings) so you can
all info in one place
* write a part of a rubiks cube algorithm to understand the changing parts
to solve a small part
* solve a sudoku you had trouble with in the newspaper last week and still
bothers you
* start using some threading to solve puzzles faster if possible.
* send yourself a alert email when some disk is 80% full or when some idol
of you tweeted again
* just follow this mailing list or stackoverflow (python tags) and try to
understand the code examples that pass by ...

with just some daily tasks or solving questions, in the end, you learn
first some basic functions and algorithms, get some info from a webpage
(wiki) or a open api (weather info?), connect a socket to pass data, plot
some data on a chart/image, show info in your OS's status bar, write your
own api, threading, ...

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> Want to learn python as I have donne manual testing for 12 years. Please
> help to share opinion how to start. Thanks
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