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What's wrong on using Popen's communicate method?

On 7/5/19, jfong at ms4.hinet.net <jfong at ms4.hinet.net> wrote:
> Terry Reedy? 2019?7?5???? UTC+8??12?13?25????
>> Upgrade to 3.7 or 3.8 to get hundreds of bug fixes, let alone new
>> features.  Both subprocess and multiprocessing have gotten fixes.
> I can't because my OS is Vista and v3.4 is the last it can run:-( Also
> the pywin32 can't be installed for it requires v3.5 and up.

Major versions of Python support Windows versions that have extended
support from Microsoft at the time of the first release. For Vista,
extended support ended on 2017-04-11. Python 3.6 was released on
2016-12-23, so it supports Vista. Python 3.7, on the other hand, does
not because it was released on 2018-06-27.

Windows 7 has extended support until 2020-01-14, so 3.8 supports it.
However, system update KB2533623 is required for enhancements to the
system loader that 3.8 depends on for loading extension modules and

> I finally get a solution to switch between two notepads in Python. Here
> is the codes for someone he may be interested.

If I have time I'll write a better version since the code you have is
fragile. But I think you should take others' advice to use a
cross-platform GUI automation library, so you won't be locked into a
Windows-only solution.