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Handle foreign character web input

On 2019-07-03 18:13:20 -0500, Igor Korot wrote:
> But as I said, imaging the following situation:
> You are somewhere in Germany and you have a German version of OS
> (any OS)
> .
> You also have a German keyboard (hardware) with German keys.
> Now you are assigned to go to some international events where people
> all over the world will be coming to your presentation and they will be
> registering on you machine
> Also imagine that the company policy prohibits you from  modifying the
> system settings.
> My solution:
> I would probably grab a lot of registering paper and ask people to enter
> English transliteration of the names on the machine so when you come
> back to the office you can properly enter their names using all those
> different keyboards (maybe virtual ones) to associate them with
> their English counterparts.
> Just curious - what would you do?

I would set up a web registration form, so people can use their own
device (phone, laptop, whatever) to enter their name. Presumably they
know how to enter their name on their device. I definitely don't know
how to enter a hand-written (or even printed) Chinese name on any
keyboard (I managed to do that recently, but that was a lot of work and
way into "a fun challenge to do once, not something I want to repeat"


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