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Make sure the window title is visible in tkinter

On Wed, 26 Jun 2019 13:25:15 +0200, Cecil Westerhof wrote:

> I need to write a desktop program. I choose to use tkinter. How can I
> make sure the window title is visible? For example when I have the
> following code:
>     from tkinter      import Button, filedialog, Label, messagebox, Tk
>     window = Tk()
>     window.title('A long window title')
>     Button (window, text = 'Short text').pack()
>     window.mainloop()
> I see only a part of the 'A', but I would like to see the complete:
>     'A long window title'

According to link below, it is not possible...
"Tkinter has no way of knowing how long the title is on the titlebar."


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