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tkinter: widget to display set returned from database table

On Thu, 20 Jun 2019, Terry Reedy wrote:

> There is no sin is using less than all the features of a widget. Anyway,
> think of the tree having one node, which you can hide (not show),
> representing the table, and n leaves, representing the rows of the table,
> which you do show.


This explanation clarifies what I've read about the tkinter tree.

> If you sort the selection by some categorical field, then you can make the
> display hierarchical by adding expandable rows for values of the sort
> field. Think of database reports where summary lines can be expanded and
> contracted.

My current thinking is that the sorting will be done by the SQL statement
based on user input (and that's another widget I need to learn) so the
output in the treelist will be as correct.

Thanks very much,