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Is there an archive of this list with permanent URLs to each message?

> Hello! When I wrote Fluent Python a few years ago I provided my
> readers with hundreds of links to my sources, including several links
> to messages in the python-list archive.
> Now as I prepare the 2nd edition I notice all my links to this list
> are broken. Apparently mailman rebuilds the archives and changes the
> ids of the messages.
> Is there an archive of python-list that preserves each message with a
> permanent URL?

This list hasn't yet been moved to Mailman 3. I believe once it is,
permalinks will be more permanent. You might want to drop an email to
postmaster at python.org to see if migration will happen in the near
future. I know several other lists were recently migrated (python-dev
and python-ideas come to mind).