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How control a GUI for an unrelated application from a Python script?

On 14/06/2019 01.49, Christian Seberino wrote:
> I have a third party GUI that manages some hardware.
> I want to control the hardware from a Python script.

Forget about the GUI, see if you can control your device without it.

See how well the device is documented. Maybe there's an API? If not for
Python, maybe for C? If not, maybe it's easy to write your own driver in

Writing a driver for a simple message-based wire protocol is not very
hard, and may be easier than reliably controlling somebody else's GUI
with a script.

> This seems to mean I need to somehow have Python code
>   that imitates a human doing the necessary
>     actions on the GUI (selecting menu options, pressing buttons, etc.)
> Is this possible / easy / doable?
> Thanks!
> Chris