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FDs will be closed after exception automatically in python2.7?

On 2019-06-10 18:18:07 +0800, lampahome wrote:
> as title,
> I confused will fd will be close after exception automatically?
> Like:
> try:
> fd=open("file","w+")
> fd.get() //any useless function of fd
> except Exception:
> print 'hi'

Please try to preserve indentation when sending code to the list.
Indentation is part of the Python syntax and if you smash everything to
the left margin your program is not only hard to read but syntactically

To answer your question:

No, an exception will not automatically close open file descriptors
(which file descriptors should it close and why?).

However, while handling an exception the variable holding the file
descriptor may go out of scope (for example if you leave a "with"
block[1] or return from a function). In that case the file descriptor
will be closed (in the case of a with block immediately, otherwise when
the garbage collector gets around to it).


[1] Don't know if those exist in Python 2.x. You should upgrade to 3.x
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