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Why Python has no equivalent of JDBC of Java?

Am 21.05.19 um 14:27 schrieb Adriaan Renting:
> Java was meant to be generic, run anywhere and abstract and hide
> differences in its underlying infrastructure. This has led to the Java
> VM, and also JDBC I guess.
> Python was more of a script interpreted C-derivative, much closer to
> the bare metal, and thus much less effort was made to hide and
> abstract.

Python closer to the metal than Java? This is nonsense. It is exactly 
the opposite. As a simple empirical proof, there are compilers which 
compile Java to native code (gcj) with comparable performance than C 
code, while such a thing is almost not doable for Python, only for 
restricted subsets. Java code can be "manually compiled" into C++ code 
with only a few tweaks, most notably you need a garbage collector, but 
that's it - apart from a huge library, maybe.
Python code with dynamic typing cannot be statically compiled in the 
same way, which you pay for by a factor of 100 in execution speed.