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Python WebApp where Python runs on the client's machine using Pyodide

It's still a massive work in progress, but I though people here might be
interested in the progress made thus far:

It is a file processing application. It has input files and output files.
Users select input files from their computer, select a script to run (or
edit a script to create their own) and then it produces the output files
which can be downloaded.
At the moment when Python is running the user interface freezes but to fix
that I am told I just need to get my head around web workers (

It's been quite fun!

Also, adding new scripts to the web app should be as simple as following
the steps laid out over here:

I'm keen for feedback, please let me know what you think!

I'll likely post this again in the near future once I fix up the freezing
and I have also provided a few more example scripts.