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Amber Brown: Batteries Included, But They're Leaking

On 5/19/2019 5:34 PM, Christian Heimes wrote:

> By the way, I'm working on removing some dead battieres since last year,
> see proto PEP
> https://github.com/tiran/peps/blob/oldbatteries/pep-9999.rst and LWN
> article https://lwn.net/Articles/755229/

I believe that there are other modules, other than distutils, that 
others have proposed for deletion after 2.7 expires.

While deleting in 3.9 would be nice, I agree on waiting for 3.10.  Track 
issues to fix/enhance could be deleted before that.  For 3.8, I think 
deprecation in the docs and possibly PendingDeprecationWarning could be 
added anytime up to the .rc.

colorsys, color conversion functions between RGB, YIQ, HLS, and HSV 
coordinate systems, seems like it should still be useful.  Looking for 
substututes on pypi, I found

pyrgb: color conversion functions - RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK
This needs YIQ to be a superset of colorsys.  Py version unspecified.

colorutils: among other things, conversions between RGB tuples, 
6-character HEX strings, 3-character HEX strings, WEB, YIQ, and HSV. 
WEB is a 'well-known' color name, when available, such as 'SeaGreen'. 
(Tk names would be helpful for tkinter programming.  HEX is used in Tk.) 
This needs HSL to be a superset.  2.7, last release 5/25/2015

Conclusion: colorsys could be pretty well replaced by an improved 
version of either package.

In the Linux World comments, k8to says "For a silly data point, I still 
have code that I still run that process amiga data files that I use in 
an archival project. I'm a little sad about some of the modules I use 
being removed from python.  I'm sure I can work around the problem 
though, as I only run the code locally."

My thought: who better to maintain an atari date file library than 
someone who still processes such libraries?  So publicize the PEP and 
encourage experts in old protocols to maintain the corresponding code.

Terry Jan Reedy