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Why Python has no equivalent of JDBC of Java?

I programmed in Python 2 and 3 for many years, and I find it a fantastic

Now I'm programming in Java by m ore than 2 years, and even if I found its
code much more boilerplate, I admit that JDBC is fantastic.

One example over all: Oracle. If you want to access an Oracle DB from
Python, you have to:

1. download the Oracle instantclient and install/unzip it
2. on Linux, you have also to install/unzip Development and Runtime package
3. on windows, you have to add the instantclient to PATH
4. on Linux, you have to create a script to source that sets PATH,

Finally, you can use cx_Oracle.

Java? You have only to download ojdbcN.jar and add it to Maven/Gradle.

Why Python has no equivalent to JDBC?