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Checking network input processing by Python for a multi-threaded server

> socketserver threading model is that the main server loops waiting for
> connection requests, when it receives a request it creates a handler thread,

This data processing style can be generally fine as long as you would like
to work without a thread (or process) pool.

> and then it completely forgets about the thread

I have taken another look at the implementation of the corresponding methods.

I get an other impression from the statements ?self._threads.append(t)? (process_request)
and ?thread.join()? (server_close).

> -- the thread is independent and completes the handling of the request.

Will a corresponding return value bet set?

> If you need to ensure everything has finished before starting the next server instance,

I am still looking for the support of software constraints in this direction.

> you will have to write the extensions to socketserver.

Will the development situation evolve any more here?