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Tkinter on Mac OS crashes python

Am 15.05.19 um 20:25 schrieb Chip Towner:
> Terry,
> Thanks for the input and FYI I am running 10.14.4 Mojave. 

Apple changed a couple of APIs on Mojave (versus High Sierra) that made 
Tk stop working, when it was compiled with the Mojave SDK. Tk compiled 
against the High Sierra SDK continued to work. A lot of work was done by 
the Tk maintainers to fix this and hopefully now it should work again - 
the most recent release is Tk 8.6.9. So if you compile this yourself 
with the Mojave SDK, you should at least upgrade to Tcl/Tk 8.6.9.

Still, direct crashing upon loading Tcl/Tk might be another problem; 
make sure that you compile tkinter against the same versiof of Python 
that you use it with.