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Tkinter on Mac OS crashes python

On 5/14/2019 1:22 PM, Chip Towner wrote:
> I am trying to use tkinter and when I attempt to do so Python crashes.  I am accessing Python (v 3.6.8) in Spyder (v3.6) from Anaconda.  The version of TkVersion tells me the version is 8.6 and the Anaconda environment browser tells me it is 8.6.8.

Before releasing the PSF 3.6.8 Mac installer on python.org, Ned Deily 
experimented with different recent tcl/builds to pick the one that 
worked best.  (I believe there are different builds with the designation 
8.6.8).  What he choose was not the most recent version available.  One 
issue is that different builds worked best with the then new macOS 
version (Mohave?) and earlier versions.  (You did not say which you are 
running.)  I presume tkinter.Tk() ran on all versions he tested, as that 
is needed for any tkinter program.

If Anaconda installs any build of tcl/tk other than the one istalled by 
the 'official' installer, then they should deal with this issus.

You could try installing from the python.org installer and test again.

Terry Jan Reedy