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Tkinter on Mac OS crashes python

On 5/14/2019 9:27 PM, Wildman via Python-list wrote:
> On Tue, 14 May 2019 11:22:54 -0600, Chip Towner wrote:
>> I am trying to use tkinter and when I attempt to do so Python crashes.  I am accessing Python (v 3.6.8) in Spyder (v3.6) from Anaconda.  The version of TkVersion tells me the version is 8.6 and the Anaconda environment browser tells me it is 8.6.8.
>> An example piece of code I am trying to run (pulled from the __init__.py file in the tkinter code installed by Anaconda) is provided below.  The code crashes when tk = tkinter.Tk() is called.  I have traced the crash into this method to a call to _tkinter.create().  The debugger can?t step any further.
>> I can provide crash logs if desired. Any help is appreciated.
>> import tkinter
>> from tkinter.constants import *
>> tk = tkinter.Tk()
>> frame = tkinter.Frame(tk, relief=RIDGE, borderwidth=2)
>> frame.pack(fill=BOTH,expand=1)
>> label = tkinter.Label(frame, text="Hello, World")
>> label.pack(fill=X, expand=1)
>> button = tkinter.Button(frame,text="Exit",command=tk.destroy)
>> button.pack(side=BOTTOM)
>> tk.mainloop()
>> Chip
> You might need to add...
> from tkinter import Tk

No, Tk is a class defined in tkinter.py.

Terry Jan Reedy