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[Project Announcement] tglogger: Sending Live Logging Records to A Python Chat

I hereby announce my new project called tglogger to Python community. Check
it out here <https://github.com/erayerdin/tglogger>.

*What It Does*

tglogger contains custom handler and formatter implementations in order to
send logging records directly to a chat, which means you get logging feed
from your application almost instantly.


 - The message has hashtags so that you can search chat history easily.
 - Can be integrated with Django. Even date time stamp in the message is
integrated to Django's settings.
 - Message contains detailed info about log record, such as hashtagged
level, which file and line the log was captured, under which method or
function the log occured, information about process and thread.

Contributions, reviews and usages are very welcome.

Have a good day.