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Python 2 EOL; what about P2 packages

I had missed the End-of-Life announcement of Python 2 for 2020. When installing a missing package on my new laptop, pip did warn me about this upcoming event.

I have been reading up on the conversion. Unfortunately, I can find no information yet on coping with Python 2 only packages. So far, I identified that I am using at least 2 packages that are Python 2 only:
+ HTMLgen (the old original version that has been an orphan for decades; simple but effective)
+ eGenix (excellent package with a.o. MxDateTime; I can only find a sprint attempt to convert t to Python 3)

Any suggestions how to port to Python 3, when using Python 2 only packages?

Although the websites state that we can keep using Python 2 after maintenance stops, this may in practice not be the case. Any time that we need to get a new laptop operational, we need a way to install it. E.g. pip should stay working...