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Help? How do i solve this problem with Python List Concept

Donald Tripdarlinq <tripdarlinq at gmail.com> writes:

> In the traditional Yoruba tribal Set-Up in Nigeria,West Africa the
> tradition of inheritance is very important. Now, The relative position
> of a child in the family counts when the issue of inheritance is
> considered.
> Question: Now a farmer with 10 children died without leaving a will
> and the Family "Ebi"(Which consist of the extended family) decided
> that the property would be in proportion of their respective age. The
> Children were born with 3 years intervals except the second to last
> and the last born with the interval of 2 and 4 years respectively. Use
> the concept of list to write a simple python program to generate the
> individual children inheritance if the man left N230,000 Before his
> death

You need a little more than that.  If the inheritance is to be in
proportion to the ages, you need to know at least one actual age, rather
than just the age gaps.  Maybe the exercise is to write a function that
takes the age of, say, the youngest child and then calculates the

Anyway, your starting point will be to work through an example on paper
so you are clear about what the calculations are.